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Purpose and Motivation

HSCPs motivation

Care Providers are subject to increasing and more rigorous regulation under the Care Quality Commission and other statutory organisations. Far reaching changes are occurring frequently which affects many Care Providers and minimises their margin and ability to respond promptly, for example, by recruiting more quality staff.

We are motivated by the urge to share information, knowledge and experience as a central tool for facilitating a mutual understanding between health and social partners. This enables the Focus on provision of health and social care rather than the means.

As a collective, Local Care Provider Associations (LCPA) are also better placed to synergise, communicate and influence the policy and decision makers to minimise the impacts of policy and decision.


The outcome sought is a single Unified Local Voice for Care Providers: A local voice for the independent adult social care sector, representing members in discussions and negotiations with the Local Authorities and the NHS which will in turn:

How we do it

  1. Draft a LCPA Strategy
  2. Build a strong LCPA membership from the ground up to be truly representative of the industry
  3. Forge effective partnerships with the Local Authority, CCGs, Safeguarding Board etc. to coordinate and streamline a two-way flow of Information.
  4. Develop strategic relationships with regional CQC inspection teams; Encourage and coordinate response to consultations,
  5. Develop regular networking groups across the County and Nationally by putting people in touch with each other.
  6. Offer support networks for those with particular issues in common
  7. Arrange special events locally and regionally to link providers.
  8. Encourage providers through networking, to engage in consultation and influencing at a higher level
  9. To take forward innovations and ideas which emerge from networking groups.
  10. Register as an Umbrella Organisation with the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). This will allow processing of online DBS Applications and Adult First Checks on behalf of our members and can also offer this service to non-members or organisations outside of the sector.
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