Citizens have a right to the comparative care quality data, information and knowledge they need to assess the quality of health and social care that is available to them. These publications in the series “Which Health and Social Care location?” Rankings of Regulated Health and Social Care locations in England” responds to that need.

It analyses Care Quality Commission (CQC) data over the year to November 2016 to present a league table of Health and Social Care locations ranked on the basis of their CQC care quality ratings: Outstanding, Good, Requires Improvement and Inadequate. Health and Social Care Locations are first ranked on the basis of Overall CQC ratings, followed by ranking for each of the 5 key questions: (Safe, Caring, Responsive, Effective, Well-led). This builds on CQC’s own ratings, which are specific to individual Health and Social Care Locations. This way, comparisons between health and social care locations enable citizen quality choices in selecting health and social care offers.

In summary, the work finds that, although most locations provide people with care rated by CQC as “Good”, a significant proportion of health and social care locations requiring improvement or rated inadequate is significant, particularly in the area of leadership and safety. Locations rated outstanding are very few but demonstrate how high quality standards can be attained.

Twenty-two per cent of all locations were rated overall as inadequate or required improvement and only 0.04 % of the locations were rated outstanding. The overall ratings across all locations was 3 % outstanding, 76% good, 18 % required improvements and 3 % inadequate.

  • In this publication, the 131 GP Practices and other Primary Medical Services consistently rated outstanding across all the key CQC questions in England are ranked and listed. Although these 131 organisations represented only 2.4% of primary medical services locations in England, they accounted for 46% of the overall outstanding rating throughout England.

  • This publication lists all 160 social care locations that were consistently rated outstanding across all the CQC key questions in England. Although they represented only 0.9% of social care organisations in England, they accounted for 82% of the overall outstanding rating in throughout England. The 265 social care organisations consistently rated inadequate and accounting for 32 or inadequate ratings throughout England are also ranked.

  • Independent Healthcare and Social Care Organisations (IHOs) afforded medium care quality choice overall: 2-3 IHOs scored good or outstanding overall to every IHO that was inadequate or requires improvement. NHS Healthcare Organisations offered the least care quality choice overall. For every NHS Health Care outstanding or good overall rating, there was also one that was inadequate or required improvement. Primary Medical Service offered the best overall care quality choice: For every primary medical service that was rated inadequate or required improvement overall, there were 6 rated as outstanding or good.

  • This publication highlights Dental Hospital, Thomas Linacre Centre and Walkergate Park as the only 3 NHS locations that were consistently rated outstanding overall. Overall, the 34 NHS locations (9% of all locations) accounted for 79% of the overall outstanding ratings throughout England, averaging 44 % outstanding ratings per location. Overall, 30 NHS locations accounted for 67% of all inadequate ratings throughout England, 47 % of all assessments of these 30 NHS location being rated as inadequate. The 30 inadequate NHS locations (from most to least inadequate) are also listed and ranked in order of inadequacy.

  • During the year to November 2016, the Care Quality Commission (CQC), health and social care regulator for England completed 1,789,432 care quality assessments (“CQC Assessments”) in 24782 regulated health and social care locations (“Locations”), averaging 137,648 assessments per month. The CQC care quality data on ratings (outstanding, good, requires improvement and inadequate) for each of CQC inspection five key question areas (safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led) was analysed for the year November 2015 – November 2016 (“Year to November 2016”) and used to rank locations on the quality of health and social care they offered.