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What we do

In pursuit of the Purpose, HSCPs facilitates a mutual understanding of Partner expectations from these relationships, to agree mechanisms to enable Focus, effectively and efficiently implement the contracts underpining these relationships and to prevent or resolve any disputes arising therefrom, whereever possible, without or before the need form formal mechansims such as disciplinary and tribunal/cour proceedings.

How we do it

  1. Relationships audit:HSCPs recognises that every Partner will have different local Partners and relationships. The starting point for each engagment is identifying Partner relationships and the documents underpining these relationships (“Contracts”).
  1. HSCPs Healthcheck: This HSCPs reviews implementation of these Contracts and produces a report on the mutual understanding of the Contract Implementation and recommendations (“Recommendations”).
  1. Impementation Agreement:HSCPs will organise meetings and workshops between parties to agree the terms of a plan for effective and efficient implementation of the Recommendations (“Implementation Plan”.


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